Media festival
Kreuzberg Pavillon,
Naunynstraße 53,10999 Berlin

Opening: Friday 30.10.2015. at 8 pm / 20 Uhr



Ana Bilankov, Ingeborg Fülepp & Heiko Daxl, Mona Mur, Igor Grubić, Božidar Katić, Vikenti Komitski, Nina Kurtela, Lina Migić, Marko Marković, Martina Mezak, Davor Mezak & Danko Friščić, Nika Radić, Lina Rica, Davor Sanvincenti, Goran Škofić, Josip Zanki

The program of the Nano gallery – Art Metamedia has compressed its tenth year into a festival form. The first part of the festival has shown the works of  15 contemporary artists and projected them onto the frieze of billboard spaces in front of the Student Center in Zagreb (Croatia).

At Kreuzberg Pavillon, the exhibition will be slightly modified and will present seventeen authors of different poetics. This cross section is interesting because it allows a comparisons of various contemporary topics, authors of different generations, educational background and their approaches to the medium of video. In some selections, contemporaneity is evident in the  questioning of current political issues like migration, political figures and failed revolutions or street riots (Ana Bilankov, Igor Grubić, Marko Marković, Nika Radić); Nina Kurtela uses video to document several months of a performing act which testifies the transformation of the a depot to the Berlin Dance Centre, while some artists use digital media to make (self) reflexive works by questioning the universal themes of nature and consciousness (Davor Sanvincenti, Martina Mezak).

(Text by Marta Kis)

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